Why should you pay you BADRA subs every year?

The BADRA Residents Association represents all members of our area. The association spends its time monitoring and addressing all the various issues/concerns like environmental, roads, traffic, access, concerts, matches and anything that may arise in the year. The Association works closely and continuously with the Local Authority and other agencies in maintaining and improving the area and getting solutions to ongoing issues to the best of our abilities. Most of this work is INVISIBLE to the community (as it should be).

The Association also actively engages in community projects such as summer camps, various types of classes, area clean-ups, planting and maintaining flower streetscapes among other things. Most of this activity is funded by the stadium community fund, local business and assisted by the city council.

However, the Association incurs costs for meetings, communications, postage, telecoms and day to day administrative expenses, etc. Although this is not a significant amount of money, these activity costs are supported by the Associations residents subscriptions. Without the resident’s Subscriptions, the Association would be limited in how it goes about its business, and this would, in turn, negatively effect the activities that benefit all our community.

If you have not paid you BADRA subscription this year, please do so by going here. If you are not a member yet, please consider joining, all you have to do is go to the subscription page and pay the annual fee.