It has come to the attention of concerned local residents that some people are walking their dogs along the water’s edge of the Dodder when the tide is low.

Presently there is a Family of Mute Swans with very young cygnets who are fledging and feeding at these times.

Although the majority of dogs will present no immediate danger, the Swans are in a heightened state of defence of their young and are being startled and disturbed.

Mute Swans are protected under the EU Birds Directive and the Irish Wildlife Act, 1976 & Wildlife (Amendment) Act, 2000. It is forbidden to interfere or disturb these birds. If you see anyone disturbing these animals, please make them aware and report it if necessary.

The Act States: Enforcement of Protection of Wild Animals “Anyone who hunts, kills, injures or possesses a protected wild animal otherwise than under and in accordance with a licence, or who wilfully interferes with or destroys its breeding or resting place is guilty of an offence.”

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