On all major event days there will be a traffic management plan for the area immediately around the Aviva Stadium. This plan will be under the control of An Garda Siochana. It is important to note that parking will be strictly monitored and regulated. Parking restrictions will be in place from 7.00 am on the morning of the event and will affect the following roads:


  • Lansdowne Road (both sides from Shelbourne Road to Herbert Road)
  • Herbert Road (left side from Herbert Bridge to Tritonville Road)
  • Newbridge Avenue (left side from Herbert Road to Tritonville Road)
  • Shelbourne Road (both sides from Shelbourne Avenue to the Podium entrance)
  • Shelbourne Road (left side from Podium entrance to Haddington Road )
  • Lansdowne Lane (both sides)
  • Havelock Square (right side from Bath Avenue)


Please note these restrictions will be lifted approximately one hour after the event finishes. ln addition cordons will be set up at the following junctions commencing 4 hoursprior to the event:


  • Londonbridge Road / Tritonville Road
  • Tritonville Road / Newbridge Avenue (see Note 1 below)
  • Tritonville Road / Herbert Road (see Note 1 below)
  • Lansdowne Road I Shelbourne Road
  • Bath Avenue / Shelbourne Road (This will include Bath Avenue Place)
  • Lansdowne Lane / Shelbourne Road
  • Lansdowne Park / Shelbourne Road
  • Lansdowne Park / Northumberland Road
  • Lansdowne Park / Haddington Road
  • Shelbourne Road from Bath Avenue to junction with Pembroke Road (3 hours prior to the event)
  • Lansdowne Road / Pembroke Road (3 hours prior to the event)


Note 1: On occasions, if expected attendance is reduced, Newbridge Avenue and Herbert Road will close 2 hours in advance of the event and Lansdowne Road will be closed at Herbert Bridge 4 hours in advance.


Note 2: O’Connell Gardens and Havelock Sq will be closed from 8am on event days, access to residents etc. On production of Driving Licence, Utility Bill.


See Map At Bottom,

It is important to note that:

  • Vehicular access to roads within the cordon will be restricted to residents only, on production of their driving licence, and vehicles with match day accreditation permitting vehicle access to the stadium.
  • Any person wishing to visit a resident may do so, however, they will be required to produce an original utility bill with the address of the house they are visiting.
  • Once the event has commenced and the roadways are clear of pedestrian traffic, residents will have vehicular access / egress for a period of approx 1 hour, again on production of a driving licence.
  • Residents living on Lansdowne Road between the railway level crossing and the junction of Shelbourne Road will not have vehicle access / egress for two hours prior to an event commencing.
  • Access to the west side of the Dodder Walk between Londonbridge and Herbert Bridge will be closed. Residents will be able to use the walkway on the east side of the river.
  • Residents entering a closed road can use their driving license OR a utility bill.


Dublin City Council will provide clamping vans and tow wagon to deal with illegal parking. Parking laws will be strictly enforced for offences including:


lf you do have any complaints or any queries on match days please do not hesitate to use the hotline. The number is 01 232 0888. Please note that all calls logged and the actions taken are recorded in a log which is made available for viewing by the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) at their monthly meeting. Any queries in relation to any other non urgent enquiries should be referred to Aviva Stadium at 01 238 2300.