By Filling out the form below and joining the BADRA WhatsApp Group Messaging Service, you agree to the following rules. If you don’t agree, do not join.


At the outset everyone must consent prior to being put into the WhatsApp Group Messaging Service. Your number will NOT be visible to group, and personal telephone numbers or information will not be communicated.

  1. This is a Residents Association WhatsApp Group Messaging Service. It has been set up by BADRA, who will act as administrator SOLELY.
  2. This Group is intended as a convenient way to distribute information to our community quickly and efficiently with residents association matters ONLY.
  3. Only BADRA can post to the Group, this will NOT be a two way communication forum. You will NOT be able to reply.
  1. The Group is not for non community related issues.
  2. The Group is not for expression of personal opinions or post private messages.
  3. Group administrators are not responsible for any comments sent privately toothed members of the Group by individual Group members who may have each others details.
  4. No inappropriate re-messaging including using inappropriate language, images,  insulting messages, voicing grievances about the community, committee or with individual members of the Group will be tolerated.
  5. No re-messaging should be made regarding, neighbours, businesses, the committee, other Group members.
  6. In the event that there is a breach of any of the rules, the group administrator reserves the right to remove the transgressor from the group.
  7. By participating in this WhatsApp Group, you agree to these Group rules.
  8. Participation is not obligatory and if you join, you have the option of leaving by sending a private message to the administrator at
  9. By joining the Group you explicitly give permission for BADRA to enter your details into the Group for the purpose of receiving messages from BADRA and administration by BADRA.
  10. You agree to Respect everyone’s privacy – being part of this group requires mutual trust
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