GOOGLE Employment Task Force

BADRA is part of a round table initiative with GOOGLE that’s meets to discuss how google can interact better with the local community. Last year Employment opportunities for locals was discussed. GOOGLE are now Actioning this.  

GOOGLE has now set up an Employment Task Force with local partners to identify ways they can work together to achieve this.

As a first action GOOGLE have agreed to run a skills audit to understand what skills strengths there are in the local community, and what gaps exist. To help GOOGLE to do this, they would appreciate your support in taking a survey that asks 9 questions about people’s education, training and employment and will take about 5/10 minutes. All responses will be fully anonymous. If there are any questions about the survey you can contact our researchers by emailing

The survey can be completed at this link:

GOOGLE are hoping to gather as many responses as possible by Monday 22 February.

They Thank you in advance for your help with this research.