Static Traffic Emissions

Static Traffic Emissions are poisonous to all period. Bath avenue and all roads off it already suffer from this problem at busy times like morning and evening rush hours. Ringsend and the area in general was already been announced last year as the most polluted spot in Ireland from Traffic pollution. If the beach road oneway goes ahead, a major increase in Static Traffic Emissions would take place as all the North bound traffic gets re-routed through side roads like Bath Avenue.

The noxious poisons emitted would increase drastically and effect us all but especially our children & older residents. Cancers, Asthma and many other health related issue seem high in the D4 area already.  It is for this reason and not one of “Anti-Cycling” which we do recognise is the best alternative to pollution from motoring is why we are in opposition. The plan needs to be revised to Protect our residents from an increase in Static Traffic Emissions.

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