Dear Residents, –

You may be aware that BADRA has put in place a programme called Nostalgia Friday where we are delivering Fish and Chips and a supply of lunchtime Soup to Vulnerable Seniors and Cocooners who have been directed to stay at home by the HSE during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The programme runs to May 1st the weekend of the next Government announcement, provided funds suffice.

REASON: The programme was put in place to bring some relief and cheer to those WHO HAVE BEEN DIRECTED NOT TO GO OUT, THOSE MOST IN NEED and to maybe give a small relief break for 1 day to their families/careers and those looking out for them.

FEEDBACK: There seems to be some confusion in the community about the programme and its funding and some negative comments and emails have been received. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the programme and the funding of it.

FUNDS: Funding is by way of the Ringsend Community Forum Service Ltd in partnership with Google. The forum is managing a COVID-19 Rapid Response Community Grant Application Scheme funded by Google. We would like to thank the Forum and Google for their support. The criteria set down by the COVID-19 Rapid Response Community Grant Application Scheme is, A. Applications must be in direct response to Covid19 pandemicB. Applications must fall under one or more of the following categories1) Food Shortages 2) Caregiving and Prevention 3) Mental Health and Wellbeing. In addition, applicants must have an accounting system and full traceability of the money granted. The money granted can only be used for the purpose which the application was made.

OPERATION: It has been challenging to coordinate such a programme given the restrictions of distancing and sterile care in place at this time, but to all who have helped out, your efforts are very much appreciated. We would also like to thank those who have put themselves forward but where not yet needed as we wanted to keep the amount of people involved as small as possible for health and potential virial spread reasons. We may yet need you later.

SUPPLY: Some comments have been made about the choice of our present suppliers. We would like to clarify that the suppliers we are using where the only ones open when we started to plan and execute the programme. The suppliers have also demonstrated to us they have critical processes in place of a) AVAILABLE PRODUCE b) COVID-19 PREPERATION SAFE FACILITIES, c) EXUCAUTION CAPABILITY OF SHORT TURN AROUND TIME, d) THE STAFFING, and e) A METHOD OF DELIVERY, to handle the supply as we require. In saying this, NO business in the area has or will ever be overlooked intentionally! It’s about the residents needs and the safe execution of the programme for the committee.

We hope this clarifies the programme and we wish all residents well during these challenging times. ABOVE ALL, Please stay safe, stay well, stay at home!

Working for our community