Movement of oversized vehicles without delivery permits.

The Gardai at Irishtown have said they are going to be policing the movement of oversized vehicles without delivery permits breaching the 3.5 tonne weight limit on Bath Avenue and Londonbridge Road.

The Gardai have said they wish to police more closely this situation and intend to undertake proactive patrols in an attempt to detect vehicles breaching this legislation and in turn improve safety for residents.

We are asking BADRA residents for their help to establish if you the residents have observed any particular times of the day during the working week when this is a prominent issue.

We have set up a special email box and are asking you to please email to us the details of any incidents of illegal truck movements on the above roads especially regular infringements.

Please send the DAYS and TIMES of the infringements to us and we will share this with the Gardai so they can setup ascertain any patterns and establish tighter policing at these times.

The email box is,