BADRA Traffic numbers April 2021

Cars 65,096
Cycles 35,987
Large vehicle’s 14,244
The numbers above are the aount of vehicle traffic counted on the Bath Avenue/Londonbridge roads during April 2021. This traffic is only a portion of Normal traffic owing to less movement due to COVID 19. Numbers will increase as the country begins to re-open.

Clair Byrne show – Conor Skehan discusses cycle lanes,,

Conor Skehan, Lecturer at Dublin Technology University in causes and effects of development in rural and urban areas at the Environmental and Planning department will be on Claire Byrne show today 1030am talking about the loss of public spaces to cycle lanes. If you wish to comment or get involved in the debate you can contact the show by email, text or tweet:  Email –; Text: 51551; Twitter: @TodaywithClaire